2017-2018 Club Entrees & Desserts



- Entrées -

1. Braised Chicken with Potato and Carrot in a Saffron Broth 

Moroccan Vegetable Stew with Cabbage and Root Vegetables

with Oregano Roasted Potatoes and Cold Pressed Olive Oil Toasted Rice Pilaf

2. Tandorri Grilled Breast of Chicken with Spiced Yogurt Sauce

Potato and Garbanzo Bean Stewed in coconut and Red Curry Sauce 

with Steamed Basmati Rice with Cardamom and Roasted Carrots with Chiles

3. Sautéed Breast of Chicken with Mushroom Marsala Sauce

Farfalle Pasta with Roasted Butternut Squash 

with Balsamic Roasted Green Beans with Toasted Almonds and Herb Roasted Potatoes with Truffle Drizzle

4. Szechuan Stir Fry Beef

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Glazed Vegetables

with Steamed Basmati Rice and Sautéed Broccoli and Cauliflower with Chiles and Ginger

5. Taco Trio Served in Soft Corn Tortilla

Chipotle Grilled Chicken

Smoked Brisket

Carne Asada

with Mexican Rice and Red Bean and Sautéed Squash with Coriander and Lemon

 6. Southern Fried Chicken with Cayenne Spiked Honey

Hickory Smoked Pulled Pork with Texas BBQ sauce

with Three Cheese Macaroni and Cheese and Green Beans with Smoked Turkey Legs 

7. Angus Beef Burger with Chipotle Mayo, Tomato, Lettuce and Aged Cheddar

Garden Burger with Smoked Pepper Aioli, Shredded Lettuce, Apple Chutney, Pepper Jack Cheese

All Beef Hot Dog with Pickle Pepper Relish, House Cured Mustard and Crispy Onions

with Parmesan Herb Fries and Onion Rings 

8. Hickory Smoked Brisket of Beef with Mustard and Maple Glaze

Grilled Bratwurst Sausage with House Made Sauerkraut

 with German Potato Salad and Apple Braised Cabbage

9. Crispy Chicken Tenders with Assorted Dipping Sauces

Texas Corn Dog with Assorted Sauces

with Seasoned Curly Fries and Whipped Potatoes 

10. Roasted Vegetable Lasagna with a Parmesan Bechamel 

Bolognese Lasagna with Ricotta Cheese and Pomodoro

with Balsamic Roasted Green Beans with Toasted Almonds and Herb Roasted Potatoes with Truffle Drizzle


- Desserts -

1. Baklava

2. Gluab Jamun (crispy fried dough in a cardamom and lemon simple syrup topped with crushed pistachio)

3. Tiramisu

4. Coconut Custard Tartlet topped with Sweet Red Bean & Toasted Coconut Cream 

5. Mexican Chocolate Cake Bites

6. Assorted Cakes

7. Party Bars

8. Peach & Cherry Cobbler

9. Assorted Cookies and Party Bars

10. Italian Cream Cake